I'm not judging, but perhaps this is not the best idea if you find you have a bear in your tree. A Missouri guy shared a fun video with one of these large potential predators quite literally looking over his shoulder.

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Jaxson Wheeler is certainly braver than me. That's a scientific statement because I can freaking guarantee that if a bear ends up in a tree in my Missouri yard like it did him, grabbing a selfie video will not be high on my list. But, like I said, I'm not judging.

I don't know exactly where in Missouri this happened, but I know that Jaxton mentions on YouTube that he's from St. Louis and he used the hashtag #Missouri in the video share, so making a small assumption that this is at least close to St. Louis?

We shared a few weeks ago that the Missouri Department of Conservation mentioned that the black bear population was expanding in Missouri to the northeast with regular sightings now including the St. Louis area. If my detective work is accurate and this video is near St. Louis, this would be even more confirmation that black bears are getting more comfortable near the big city which may not be good news.

But, hey, at least it will make for some really interesting and fun video selfies in the future, right?

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