Few things make my blood boil more than asking me to push a button to hear a message in English. Now, I know it only takes a second to do so, but it is the principle of it. At the risk of sounding like Clint “get off of my lawn” Eastwood, English is this country language, so if you are going to live here, learn it. You may be asking, where is this all going?

Well, I am prompted to comment because I just read where New York City taxi drivers will no longer have to pass an English test under new rules designed to make it easier for immigrants to get behind the wheel and drive a cab for a living.

New New York City regulations recently went into effect making taxi license tests available in a variety of languages.  This change was made by the New York City Council in April and just signed into law by current New York Mayor Bill deBlasio.

This makes no sense to me at all. Immigrants who flocked to this country years ago knew that they had to learn English to make it in America. Being able to communicate is paramount to success.

What we are doing these days, this taxi test decision in New York included, is give immigrants a free pass to employment with a limited possibility to ever better themselves in the future simply because they can’t communicate.

No “Ingles” will lead to a life of poverty. When are we ever going to learn?  That’s the way I see it!

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