Did you know there's a patent on the comb over? Yep, that and about 9.5 million other things (literally).

We just celebrated the 164th anniversary of the U.S. patent, the first of which was issued to Walter Hunt, the inventor of the paper shirt collar.

That got us on the topic of weird patents, and there are a load of them. Here are some of our favorites:

* The anti-eating facemask. Just envision Hannibal Lector.
* The beer keg hat. Basically a barrel for your head with a spout.
* The gerbil maze vest. Keep your favorite rodent close to your chest with this tubed vest.
* Flatulence deodorizing pad. Activated charcoal to line your crack. We all know someone who needs this.
* Snake on a leash. Take your legless snake on a walk.
* Dog chastity belt. Cheaper than spay or neuter.
* Banana suitcase. Not to be confused with a banana sling. This protects your fruit in transport.
* Electrified table cloth. Zaps the bugs. Just don't spill your drink.

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