Another brick-and-mortar clothing store is shutting down. Charlotte Russe is going out of business, closing all stores soon. According to the company's website, the going-out-of-business sale starts today, March 7.

Last month, the Charlotte Russe chain filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The plan was to shutter some under-performing stores. With this surprise announcement, all 500 stores will close.

The closest stores around here are in Springfield, Columbia and the St. Louis area. They're a popular shopping stop for women, especially the younger set looking for trendy clothes at a reasonable price.

This latest closure is a piece in the bigger picture of physical stores closing. Recently Payless, Gymboree and Victoria's Secret announced plans to close stores. Competition from on-line retailers is largely to blame. However, if you were hoping to score some clearance sales from Charlotte Russe on-line, no deal. When the company closed its stores, it also shut down all cyber sales.

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