Cookbooks are pretty much a thing of the past. Why bother flipping pages when you can just ask your phone for a recipe? My cookbooks are charred from accidentally setting them on a hot burner. They're stained and sometimes even fuzzy with spills. The pages are falling apart, especially in those binder-type cookbooks. I've thrown away a load of cookbooks in favor of convenience.

Here's what I love about internet recipes. You can just enter some items that you have on hand in your fridge or pantry and there's bound to be a meal out there that Google will find for you. Usually there's an abundance of recipes--too many in fact. I rarely scroll past the first couple suggestions.

My beef with internet recipes? Why oh why must I scroll through a blasted novella about the dish before I can get to the actual recipe? Why must the food be pictured from every conceivable angle? Just give me the danged recipe already!

Here's the thing about looking up recipes on-line. It's incredibly convenient. However, there are some things you just can't replace. I still have all those church fundraiser cookbooks. Where else are you going to find your neighbor's coffee cake recipe? And I'll always hold on to my recipe box stuffed with clippings, scraps of paper and handwritten concoctions scribbled on the back of a napkin. The greatest treasure is coming across my childhood favorites written by my mom's own hand. My mom's long gone and as hard as I try, I'll never make a dish taste quite as good as her version. There is positively no way an internet recipe is going to top that.

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