We know that there are beautiful cities and towns in Illinois, but there are also some that need renovation.

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Chicago was named the Most Beautiful City in the USA, and there have been several cities in Illinois that have many on the Most Beautiful Towns in America, but there is also a list that I think towns don't want to be on The Guliets Cities in Each State. Every state has one and for Illinois that town is Riverdale. Travel website travel.alot.com quoted a Riverdale native saying,

“Housing is terrible. Taxes are too high for what we get out of the city and it is not affordable if you are renting, especially. There is a lot of on-street parking [but] exterior quality is terrible. Now, a lot of the older people are passing away and their homes are being given to… people who don't care... making it even worst than it already is.”

Riverdale is a village in Cook County and shares its name with a boarding neighborhood in Chicago. and has only 10,000 residents (much smaller than Quincy). Let's face it no town wants to be considered ugly, it's just going to take the right leadership to get Riverdale off the ugly list and on a beautiful list. It can be done, just need to start somewhere.

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