A law could pass in Illinois that would allow the state to install cameras on the highways to scan your car's plates, the Governor of Illinois is calling for "expanding surveillance technology" is this a good idea?

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According to an article from Fox2now.com, Illinois may soon have a law in place that will allow the state to install cameras on the highways designed specifically to scan license plates. The House in Illinois has already passed this measure and it is being supported by the Governor. In the article they say...

"That technology can scan license plates, and police said that it could help them solve crimes...Several lawmakers have come into close contact with shootings on expressways. These violent crimes shot up during and after the pandemic."

The article has a quote from Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart in which he says that they would not be "spying on people" to read the full article for yourself just click here! 

I gotta be honest, while the number of highway shootings is scary and there absolutely needs to be a concerted effort to stop these highway shootings, the camera idea worries me. More cameras and more surveillance in today's day and age can be a good thing for solving crime but I also worry about laws letting the government have access to just scan plates at will, I know they say they won't be spying on us but come on... how long before they start using those cameras to figure out you have an unpaid parking ticket from a year ago and you get pulled over. And I know the defendants of the cameras will say "well as long as you don't break the rules you have nothing to worry about" and that is true but I still think these cameras on the highways could end up helping solve some shootings and becoming a nightmare for the average citizen, what do you think?

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