Have you ever felt like you're being watched? This isn't always a bad thing as I've found a neat Airbnb near Edina, Missouri that has a pond and...many observers.

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This is a really nice and highly-rated Airbnb near Edina called Shady Lodge. According to the Airbnb map, it's located just north of the town.


It looks to me that Shady Lodge would be the perfect place to get away to if you like close encounters of the deer kind.

Shady Lodge Cabin Airbnb Near Edina with Pond & Deer Heads

As of this writing, it has a perfect 5 out of 5 rating from 8 reviews. The cost is $150 per night which isn't bad for a location that looks like it could easily house up to a dozen guests. Denise is getting some nice shout outs from guests as a good host which is a definite plus.

I've only shared a fraction of the pics in the Airbnb listing. Make sure to check out the whole thing if you'd like a getaway with a lake and plenty of (formerly) deer friends.

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