I'm really glad that utility companies understand there are people like me in the world. I need things to be simple and this is a perfect example. Have you ever seen yellow paint on the ground or in a yard? That's code for don't dig and whatever you do, don't light a match.

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There's a very good reason why utility companies use a universal code for when danger is nearby or when they're simply in the process of doing work. There are 8 color codes that I know of. As I shared recently, red means danger is under your feet since it symbolizes underground electrical wires and power.

But, what about yellow paint?

The APWA universal code for yellow means "Gas, Oil, Steam, Petroleum, or Gaseous Material" is nearby. Translation? Maybe don't smoke a cigarette while you get your shovel out to do some digging unless of course you'd like to be on the news in the worst way possible.

The American Public Works Association knows a thing or two about how humans like me can potentially do dumb things that hurt them and/or others. Generally speaking, if you see any kind of paint marking, find someone in authority before you even think about messing around there. Sometimes it doesn't require digging to be in trouble.

The same can be said if you see no paint markings. That "call before you dig" commercial you see during all the baseball games is really good advice no matter what your project is.

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