It's not easy being Kansas City Chief Patrick Mahomes. Seriously. He's arguably the most talented quarterback in the NFL and is constantly being chased by defensive linemen and linebackers. He needs a place to relax and that's what he has in what is honestly a very modest (for him) Kansas City, Missouri home.

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While it's public knowledge thanks to articles by Work and Money and Lonny, it still caught me by surprise to see pictures shared of Patrick Mahomes' home online. It's 1257 W 57th Street in Kansas City, Missouri. When it was purchased by Patrick and his family back in 2019, reports are that it sold for around $2.2 million dollars.

Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Home

Don't expect to stop by and pay Patrick a visit. As you might imagine, there's plenty of security to keep his family safe. I used the word 'modest' to describe the home due to the fact that Patrick Mahomes signed a 10-year contract a couple years ago for $141 million dollars. On top of that, I believe there was something in the neighborhood of a $63 million dollar signing bonus, so he could live in a thousand foot castle if he wanted to.

While Patrick Mahomes is easily my favorite player in the NFL, it's what he does off the field that makes him a hero in my eyes as he does all kinds of charitable work for children in the Kansas City area.

While it's not easy to be Patrick Mahomes, at least he has the comfort of a very modest Kansas City house to relax in when he's not being chased all over a field somewhere.

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