It's youth season right now for turkeys in Missouri. One 7-year-old hunter managed to do something that even many experienced adult hunters can't claim. He nabbed an all-white bird on the first day of the Spring season.

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The Missouri Department of Conservation shared the inspiring story of Chayson Emmons. He and his dad David were out hunting. His dad explained how they came across this incredible turkey.

I saw something white moving across a field, and I thought, is that a cat?

Spoiler alert - it wasn't a cat. This was the result.

The Missouri Department of Conservation said this was a wild turkey and not an escaped domestic one with a "leucism condition. Its feathers were all white, but it was not an albino".

Chayson was mighty excited saying “Oh my goodness,” he said about the excitement. “I thought, I may never see that again.”

It just keeps getting better for this 7-year-old hunter. Not only did he get an all-white turkey, but also a citation from the Missouri Department of Conservation good for one free ice cream. Winning.

Well done to this young hunter and his dad and their completely colorless turkey. He'll have stories to tell for decades.

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