Scottie Pippen has put his Highland Park mansion up for sale for $1.8M and honestly, that seems like a steal here. 

I'll post all 52 pictures down below because I want to focus on the game room here but be sure to check out the pool outside, the theatre, the bar on the main floor with the built-in huge aquarium on the side, and the sprawling master bedroom.

All in all this place is a lot classier than Michael Jordan's place that is, unsurprisingly, being a difficult sell just a few miles from Pip's place at about 20 times the price.

Pippen is on a bit of a "Jordan revenge" tour in response to last year's The Last Dance documentary on ESPN. He has a book coming out telling his side of the story and I can't wait. The begrudging respect Pippen always had for Jordan was noticeable and it looks like the documentary kind of ticked him off.

Riley and I talked about it this morning. Skip to the 4-minute mark to listen, or just take in the whole hour.

It should be good.

So let's take a look at the crown jewel of his Highland Park mansion: The Retro Game Room (that was probably state of the art when he had them installed and now are just becoming cool again)

First of all, what a great environment. Not pretentious at all. Did you spill your beer? Don't worry, we'll clean it up later. There's just something about those drop ceilings that make you feel like you're in your friend's basement. Wonderful aesthetics.

Here's what I see so far:

  • Pool table with plenty of clearance on all sides
  • Three pinball machines. One of which seems to be Bullwinkle themed. A nod to former Bull's big man Tom Boerwinkle? Probably not.
  • A Cruisin' In The USA driving game
  • At least two full-sized arcade booths in the backroom
  • Dartboard
  • Card/board game table
  • Shelves to store board games
  • Corner bar with a 19" tube TV

This is already a 10 but it gets better.


The only thing missing is a neon glow in the dark air hockey table.

This has everything. Let's take a closer look at the bar.

Incredible. How many stories have been told at this bar? And more importantly, what tape is still in that VCR?

52 Pictures Of The $1.8 Million House Scottie Pippen Has For Sale

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