Earlier this week, workers began preparing for the demolition of the Long John Silver's building at 30th & Broadway.

The iconic yellow restaurant will be torn down within the next few weeks according to a worker at the site this afternoon. If you drive by, you'll notice an orange fence surrounding the property as well as a "keep out" sign. Lights and other sparable fixtures are currently being removed from the property.

Samantha Barnes
Samantha Barnes

Long John Silver's closed back in September of 2014. County Market's move from 30th to 48th had affected LJS sales and forced the owners (Summit Restaurants) to close the Quincy location which has deteriorated greatly in the years that followed. The Hannibal location remains open to this day.

The property is owed by CVS Health.

There is also still no word on what is to come of the old County Market Building, but some of you have commented on what is should be.



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