If you have ever daydreamed about having a rustic Missouri home and you also enjoy swimming and movies, this might be the best there is. It's a Missouri estate that has just about every entertainment option you can imagine and wait until you see the wild outdoor pool and the long, curving water slide.

I will try not to drool as I share the details of this place with you. It's 1358 E 370 Road in Bolivar, Missouri. It's a just-listed mansion and exotic doesn't even begin to describe it. It has one of the coolest outdoor pools I've ever seen and a theater with its own concession stand. There's even a room adorned with a Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chief jersey.  I found it Estately and you really need to see the pics for yourself.

Rustic Missouri Mansion Has Theater, Wild Outdoor Pool with Slide

What would it take to live this dream? Around $5 1/2 million dollars if you have that much lying around. I'm not 100% sure of that price though. The Estately site says just under $4 million, but both Zillow and a share by Pricey Pads on Facebook say $5,590,000. No matter the price, this Missouri home is sweet and likely worth every penny they're asking for it.

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