It's a paranormal hotspot in Missouri that is so notorious that it has attracted some of the world's top researchers. Many of them believe that woods near Marley Woods, Missouri have "two or three portals" that's being used by all sorts of otherworldly beings.

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If you've been to the Marley Woods part of Missouri, you know this is a heavily-forested area in the southern part of the state that is very rural. The reports of strange lights and encounters in these woods led researcher Thomas Ferrario and also the late Ted Phillips to investigate what's happening there. Ted Phillips was widely-believed to be the leading expert for UFO trace cases.

The national radio show Coast to Coast featured an interview with Thomas Ferrario about what they found near Marley Woods, Missouri. He said they encountered "light balls, unseen forces, unknown creatures, animal mutilations, and more". It's been referred to as the Missouri version of "Skinwalker Ranch".

Marley Woods, Missouri was also featured on an episode of The Travel Channel show "UFO Witness" where they documented the mass UFO sighting in the region.

Researchers say they believe the forests near Marley Woods, Missouri may have "possibly two to three portals with objects going in and out of them".

It's easy to discount one person's story, but a mass sighting of so many unusual things is impossible to ignore. Is there really a portal (or portals) in the Missouri Ozarks? There's no way right now to prove it, but it could explain the ever-growing amount of strange things being seen (and heard) in the woods in that part of the Show Me State.

The truth is out there somewhere.

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