What is the Alibi Bar? Well it's hosting a block party grand opening this weekend to introduce itself to the Tri-States!

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There is a brand new bar in Quincy called Alibi Bar, it is located at the corner of 5th and York, at the old Lady Gregory's location, and they are hosting a grand opening party this weekend!

TSM Image
TSM Image

They have a big sign on the side of the bar promoting a concert, and welcoming you to the grand opening! On their Facebook page they also have created an event for the concert they are hosting Saturday night, as they will shut down the street for Dark Below, in the event page they say...

"Dark Below performing at 7:30 PM
They are a energetic hard rock band based out of Columbia MO.
Redemption sound and light will be here at noon playing some of your favorite hits!"

I was lucky enough to meet with the Owners of the Alibi Bar, Nikki and Kasey, along with their friend Matt who are launching this new bar into the Quincy bar scene with years of restaurant, bar management experience. Nikki told me this will be your classic neighborhood dive bar, and from the Facebook pictures I couldn't agree with her more! Pool tables, a great big bar, and a fun atmosphere to go with it. So cool of them to start off their opening weekend with a street party and band playing, so if you're looking for something to do Saturday night, go check out the newest bar in Quincy, and listen to some live music!

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