I don't know about you, but I sure do wish Quincy would bring back the ice skating rink that was located in Clat Adams Park.

It only lasted for a few short years, but during the winter months there use to be a small, outdoor ice skating rink right on the river (and I miss it). How cool would it be to go ice skating along the Mississippi River--maybe while snowing--while enjoying the lights on the Bayview Bridge?

I wish they (I don't know who they are) would being it back, especially around the holiday season.

Or here's a CRAZY idea that you guys sent our way a couple months ago: Take the former County Market building located at 30th and Broadway and turn it into an indoor skating rink all year round! We have asked before what should go in the old County Market building and several of you have said an ice skating rink.

We could have hockey leagues, ice skating lessons, birthday parties...endless opportunities, right!?  I am sure it wouldn't be cheap to build or maintain, but hey, never say never!

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