Ever wanted to travel to France to check out authentic French cuisine? Since that can be a bit pricey, we found a much more affordable option for you. France (or at least some of the food) will be in Quincy this weekend!

It was announced that a pop-up French--themed restaurant will occupy the top floor of Quincy's Boodalu Steakhouse for two days only. The French dinner will be cooked by Senior Chef Michael and Chef Logan on March 23 and 24. Space is limited, so don't wait to make your reservation. You can do so by calling 217-222-3100.

The dinner will include a buffet of hors d'oeuvres, salad, one of two main dishes, and a dessert . The cost is $45 per person and does not include drinks, tax, or tip. Boodalu's bar will open at 6:00 pm if you'd like to grab a cocktail (or two) before the dinner is served.

To have two professional chefs cook a meal like this? Sign me up, please! I have never had French food (unless fries and toast count), so this menu sounds amazing. If you would like details on the pop-up restaurant, check out Boodalu's Facebook Page.

I just hope this is not a one time thing and that other chefs will bring different meals and pop-up restaurants to Quincy. Hopefully this is the first of many!

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