If you watched the Super Bowl...ESPECIALLY if you watched it for the commercials...you might have caught a very touching reference to Quincy's first responders during a national spot for Verizon. The 60-second commercial aired just after halftime.

I admit, when I heard the first line of this commercial ("Quincy Fire Department, Lieutenant Ray speaking"), I thought it was a local spot. It was in the background and I wasn't really paying that much attention honestly. It wasn't until Sam sent me the tip that it was actually a national spot that featured a real life call to our very own Quincy Fire Department! If you watch closely, you can see the masthead of the Quincy Herald Whig from their issue dated December 20, 2012 featuring the story of a three-alarm fire at 633 State Street during which Cedrika Carver was rescued from the building by Lieutenant Jack Ray.

full call. Pregnant at the time of the fire, Carver is now a mother to four-year-old Mia.

Like just about every Super Bowl commercial, this one is going viral online. It's already been shared locally by Quincy's "Right On Q" Facebook page among others.

The premise of the commercial is amazing, to say the least. In conjunction with Verizon, a series of people from around the country were put in touch with the local first responders that saved their lives during times of tragedy. Quincy's is the first mention. From allourthanks.com...

First responders have some of the most important jobs in America. ​And yet, they don’t always get the thanks they deserve​;​ many survivors never get the chance to say thank you to the first responders who helped them. ​Verizon connected survivors with first responders for a call neither ​they—nor we—could ever forget​. ​These emotional reunions are a reminder that first responders deserve all our thanks, for all that they do.

What an incredible commercial. And we echo Verizon's efforts in thanking our local first responders. #allourthanks.

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