This is not the school year anyone thought would happen. However, with schools closed for the remaining year, some parents were wondering how they were going to pick up their children’s personal items. Quincy Public Schools announced a plan, which will start next week.

All ten public schools will allow students and parents to be able to pick up any remaining items they had left in their classrooms. Each school principal will be reaching out to parents on how and when to pick up their children's items. Teachers have been packing up their classroom and getting everything in bags for an easy pick up for parents. This will also be an opportunity to have any library books, or classroom books that children may have taken home, returned to the school.

To ensure not only you are safe, but the staff of each school, in the email you will receive will give strict guidelines that will be put into place to keep everyone safe.

As much as we want to see you and your child(ren), this will not be a time for hugs, high-fives, fist bumps, and so on. All riders will need to remain in the car- no exceptions.  Parents/guardians will pick up materials in both parking lots, with student last names A-M picking up in the west lot and student last names N-Z picking up in the east parking lot. The parent/guardian (driver) will share their child(ren)'s name with the staff volunteer, wait for the bag of materials to be placed on the assigned table and the volunteer to step away, then exit their vehicle to retrieve the materials.


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