QMG is expanding their presence at the Quincy Mall and I think it's a total win win situation!

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Growth and expansion is never a bad thing in rural smaller town parts of the United States, especially in a state like Illinois that has seen a mass exodus over the past decade plus. That's why when the news broke about Quincy Medical Group building a new Small Hospital on to the Quincy Mall I immediately got excited.

If you don't know what I am talking about, Quincy Medical Group announced in a press conference and press release today that they are expanding their presence at the Quincy Mall saying...

"Quincy Medical Group (QMG) is building a patient-centered, physician-led, nonprofit, small-format hospital to expand access to the latest high-quality, low-cost care...The small-format hospital is part of QMG’s ongoing mission to transform care for the region, empower patients and their physicians, enhance care coordination and health outcomes, expand the community’s choices in healthcare services, and reduce costs...QMG Hospital will be located adjacent to QMG’s Cancer Institute and Surgery Center, representing the ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality care best suited to patients’ needs while revitalizing existing vacant spaces in the community"

Quincy Medical Group
Quincy Medical Group

For more information about the new hospital announcement check out the information on QMG's Facebook page by clicking here!

Many people may roll their eyes at this announcement because it is once again expansion of health care as opposed to entertainment or nightlife. While their is validity in that, any expansion in areas of our town that desperately need it are a total win! More jobs, more opportunities, and with more people coming in and out of the mall everyday it will make it more attractive for the businesses already their, and attract new businesses to move back into the mall!

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