It has been an argument since the 1970s. Why doesn’t Quincy Notre Dame High School play Quincy Senior High School in football and basketball? Well, this past winter, QHS Principal Danielle Edgar and QHS Athletic Director Bill Sanders sat down with QND Principal Mark McDowell and QND Athletic Director Bill Connell and they addressed the issue. What came of that meeting was a decision to schedule games between the two Quincy high schools this season and next.


It is a two year deal with the Blue Devils hosting the Raiders in the final game of the regular season at Flinn Stadium on October 23 in football and the Raiders hosting the Blue Devils in basketball on December 19. Next year, the Raiders will host the football game and the Blue Devils will host the basketball game.

The two schools did play each other in basketball several years ago, but conference schedules forced dates to be eaten up, therefore not allowing them to play each other on a regular basis. For years the debate has raged about why they never play each other in these sports despite playing each other in most other sports. One argument I have continually heard was that when they did play years ago, the fans got out of control. I could find no real evidence of that happening, but I can see where a rivalry like it was then could prompt fans to over-react.

This is a natural rivalry and I commend the powers involved in rekindling it by scheduling games between the two schools again this season. I look forward to the two schools getting together and I also look forward to the fans enjoying it no matter who wins.

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