Here is your chance to cheer on the Blue Devils Basketball team!

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The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way the world works, from Broadway shutting down, to restaurants and bars closing up, and sports with no fans, we are all still adjusting to what the new normal will be. We all want to be back to the way the world worked in late 2019, and even though we are getting closer each day, we aren't there yet. But one of the best signs that life is returning to pre COVID ways is High School Sports returning in Illinois, and even though you can't be there in person to cheer on the teams you can be there in some form...

According to the QHS Thanksgiving Tournament Facebook page they are giving everyone the opportunity to support the Blue Devils with a "Cardboard Cutout" version of yourself placed in the stands. They are called "Flat Fans" and you can have one in the stands of the home games for only $25! For more information on getting a "Flat Fan" in the stands email or check out the Facebook post for yourself by CLICKING HERE.

Obviously we all want to get back to that place where we are packing gyms, arenas, and stadiums for sporting events, concerts, and shows but alas we just aren't there yet. However these cardboard fans have been really fun and cool to see in MLB, NFL, and NBA arenas so I do think it is really cool for the High School athletes to get to experience what the pros are experiencing!

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