Missouri and Illinois High School football teams kicked off their season tonight, and if you're a Blue Devils fan this video will get you pumped for the game.

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To get fans all geared up for the official first game of the season, the Quincy High School Blue Devils released a video I swear reminds me of the show Friday Night Lights.

The crosstown rival is tonight and what a way to open the season with a QND/QHS game. In high school we didn't have a football team (we were all about basketball) so I am jealous that I never got the chance to enjoy a Friday Night Lights game. So, I never got to experience the high school Friday Night football games, I did make up for it in college with Saturday games.

The Blue Devils has a tough season ahead of them, but at least they can play in the fall and play a full scheduled at that. Best of luck to all of our local high school teams this season!

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