I seriously just found an event that combines three of my favorite things: wine, zombies, and Fifty Shades of Grey. These are my vices, so stop judging me!

Quincy's Thyme Square Cafe is hosting a "Pop Culture Wine Tasting" event on March 10 where they'll be sharing some popular wines based off of famous books, movies, television shows, and celebrities. And wines from some of my favorites will be included (like The Walking Dead and Fifty Shades of Grey,). Thyme Square Cafe will be showcasing the very best in pop culture-themed wine.

Now THIS is how I will be celebrating my birthday!

You mean to tell me I can drink wine inspired by my favorite show (The Walking Dead) and one of my favorite films (Fifty Shades of Grey)? Count me in! And it's on my birthday...did I mention that? It was just meant for me to go!

You must reserve your spot for the celebrity and wine tasting event, which you can do on Facebook. The event starts at 4 PM and runs until 6 PM and tickets are available for purchase at thymesquarecafe.net.

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