The Internet is the ideal place to come together.

Even if it's for something that drives people batty.

This video -- dubbed "The Most Unsatisfying Video in the World Ever Made" -- is certainly living up to the hype. It's filled with little things that are bound to irritate you, like mixing M&Ms and Skittles, cutting a tomato so too much juice comes out and opening a packet so all the contents come flying out.

It's annoying and frustrating, yet the clip has reeled in more than 1.4 million views. People can't get enough of it, proving that the only thing we love more than loving something is hating it with a fury reserved for the reaction to Suicide Squad.

The comments on the YouTube page are littered with rage:

"Hope all of the people involved in making this vide step on a lego for this!!!!"

"What kind of monster are you?"

"Every person with OCD that just watched this, is now back in therapy."

And the hate didn't stop there -- Twitter also voiced its displeasure with this video.

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