In my high school playing days, I never had the opportunity to compete for a state title like Palmyra's Ross Arch did in Columbia and Quincy High School's Hunter Yohn did in Champaign on Saturday.  I can't imagine how the Palmyra sophomore wrestler and the Quincy senior wrestler were feeling as they approached the mats knowing they were one win away from earning something few people get a chance to a state title.

Whatever the feeling was going into the match, the feeling was ten-fold for Arch who won his match and the State Championship. Unfortunately, that feeling didn't come for Yohn who lost his title match and captured 2nd place at State.

For Arch it is an accomplishment that no one will ever be able to take away from him. For Yohn it is a disappointment that I am sure will take a while to overcome, but long term he will look back at at 2nd place in State as a wonderful accomplishment as well.

Congratulations to both young men on an outstanding season. Listed below are other young men who fared well at State as well.

Palmyra:         Freshman Braydon Stevens (5th Place)

Hannibal:        Sophomore Tyler Leonard (4th Place)

Junior Garrett Ruby  (4th Place)

Freshman Trevor Wilson (6th Place)

Pittsfield:         Senior Elliot Fox   (6th Place)


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