I've waited nearly 8 years to say this. It's so good to finally be back home here in the tri-state area. It's been a long time coming.

If you happen to be new to the tri-state radio scene, please allow me to introduce myself. My real name is Jeff "Doc" Holliday. Yes, the "Doc" part is a nickname that I was given when I was on the radio back in the 1980's when I was on 99Q by now TV meteorologist Richard Cain. I told him back then that I wasn't cool enough to have the nickname of a famous gunfighter and I still feel that way today.

I began my time on the radio in this area when I was a junior at Hannibal Senior High School. That was the fall of 1983. Over the years, I've been on many great stations including this one. More on that in a little bit. About 8 years ago, I left radio to go work with my friends at the Quincy/Hannibal Salvation Army. Tremendous people and organization, but after a year with them I missed radio terribly. The problem is there were no stations that had open slots back then so my career took me west to Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming. We reluctantly left family and friends here and went where the work was.

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Why is my return here a homecoming? Well, what is now The Eagle used to be KRRR-FM back in 1994. I was on that station the day it became KRRY-FM (Y101) in 1995. The station changed from classic rock to top 40 and I was the guy on the radio when it happened. Dennis Oliver and I had some great times for years on Y101 including the Cardboard Boat Regatta, Backyard BBQ's, etc.

That brings me to today. After years away, we had the opportunity to return and jumped at the chance. Being back on KRRY-FM (The Eagle) now that it's returned to its original classic rock format is a dream come true. The fact that I'm now back where it all began is a fairy tale ending for my family.

Thank you to Townsquare Media for making a place for me on The Eagle and thank you if you're one of the many that has sent me messages through our app and Facebook. You were always the best part of my radio show in the past and I promise nothing will change in the future. This radio station and my show will always be focused on you.

As a great band once said, "for those about to rock, we salute you". Indeed.

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