Thank you to everyone who entered into this month's "Tri-State's Biggest Giveaway" contest! We've narrowed it down to 101 people, ONE of whom is about to win a brand new two-seat electric golf car from Smith Brothers Powersports! If you're on this list, you should have received an e-mail with instructions regarding the next step. If you DIDN'T receive an e-mail, please contact us at so we can get you squared away! And if you see a name you recognize, make sure he/she sees this too!

John Akers
Nicole Altgibers
Jeff Attenberg
Lesa Beaver
Joe Bliven
Ralph Boden
Greg Booth
Donna Bowmen
Vanessa Brent
Mary Bromfield
Ryan Burns
Rhonda Buxman
John Calhoun
Judy Carroll
Missy Carstens
Nikki Casey
Brennan Caspermeyer
David Cawthon
Katy Claus
Gary Coleman
Bryden Cory
Cheryl Coulter
Vanessa Davis
Jon Dawson
Jenny Dean
Dan Dice
Reece Dieker
Rhonda Dietrich
Kaitlinn Dodds
John Donahue
Judy Dougherty
Alexas Dreyer
Wayne Ellefritz
Eric Foster
Wes Friday
Brian Frye
Jason Gerding
Chris Ginster
Jeffry Goerlich
Jodi Gorton
Laura Gramke
Brenda Grubb
Kristen Hanlin
Mary Hensley
Aron Herr
Nicole Hesse
Deb Holman
Gregory Huckstep
Alex Hudson
Andrew Hustead
Steve Jackson
Steph Kamm
Tammy Kaufman
Brad Koch
LaSha Lewd
Michael Maas
Clint Mastin
Brock Mastin
Yvonne McKinney
Audra Mcvay
Johnathan Mcvay
Jeffrey Medlin
Tim Mueller
Michael Norris
George Novosel
Nathan Obert
Rachel Petty
Bill Pheiffer
Crystal Pratt
Will Printy
Kathy Radcliff
Jannell Ratcliff
Jeff Reis
Amanda Rife
Sherry Riley
Jessica Robbins
Brian Rowatt
William Roy
Clara Schmidt
Chassidy Schroder
Kassi Seifert
Samuel T. Shannon
Amy Siebers
Carla Smith
Laura Snyder
Sawyer Stapp
Jim Tallman
Bridgett Taylor
Melissa Taylor
Jamie Terstegge
Chris Thorpe
Tyler Vollmer
Cathy Waterkotte
Chantil Watson
Bill Watters
Travis Weiss
Ashley White
Ryan Willingham
Louise Wilson
Jim Zanger
Brian Zopf


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