Thank you to everyone who entered into our first "Tri-State's Biggest Giveaway" contest over the past few weeks! We've narrowed it down to 101 people, ONE of whom is about to win a $2,000 living room makeover from Sit Tight in Quincy!

If you're on this list, you should have received an e-mail with instructions regarding the next step. If you DIDN'T receive an e-mail, please contact us at, so we can get you squared away! And if you see a name you recognize, make sure he/she sees this too!

Lindsey Klesner
Rhonda Buxman
bobbie Strieker
Larry Wright
Alexis Shaffer
Cathy Day
Shayna Queen
Heather Wolfmeyer
Kent Anderson
Sue Hill
Shari Shade
Erin Perry
Kevin Minnick
Sierra Williams
Jamie Franklin
Tim Baumgartner
Tanya Blickhan
Clay Haga
Jon Dawson
Jill Schuckman
Angela Huckstep
Cathy Waterkotte
Lorein Keely
Malcayla Buckley
Brian Kroeger
Brooke Gooding
Neil Thornlon
Jordan Hahn
Lockie Neff
Rachel Buyck
Nicole Scranton
Issac Chontal
Julie Herring
Mary Fleck
Jason Bunch
Joni Epperson
Isaac Smith
Daniel Royalty
Ali Schwagmeyer
Casey McGee
Julie Geise
Anne Rupert
Mika Countney
Emily Disselhorst
Lee Williams
Jenni Borden
Amanda Wetzel
Tanner Cannady
Keaghan Rodemich
Mary Neisen
Kris Mangold
Tracy Bennett
Ashley Vollbracht
Tiffany Schoenekase
Pam Burke
Aisha Churchill
Shanda Ganaway
Katie Awerkamp
Falon Watts
Kelvin Osbourne
Sherry Law
Cooper Reis
Kate Martin
Judy Dougherty
Chad Struck
Tom Barnhart
Teresa Carlen
Aftan Storck
Vicky Frericks
Bobby Baker
Janet Smith
Kelly Dice
Nick Allen
Randi Velarde
Leslie Grave
Emily Hastings
Sawya Stapp
Brian Logsdon
Britnee Liehr
David Wiseman
Reagan Robertson
Rhonda Owens
Brad Darnell
Malinda Pryor
Tristan Wood
Mandy Brummell
Adrianne Tuttle
Joe Bryant
Amy Thomas
Michael Bickhaus
Nicole Stice
Stephanie Deweese
Jessica Carroll
Holly Cain
Chris Martin
Chris Brueck
Danielle Deeter
Mackenzie Durst
Jenny Myers
Heather Maston
Cindy Gard

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