Thank you to everyone who entered into our first "Tri-State's Biggest Giveaway" contest over the past few weeks! We've narrowed it down to 101 people, ONE of whom is about to win a $2,000 game room makeover from Sit TIght in Quincy! If you're on this list, you should have received an e-mail with instructions regarding the next step. If you DIDN'T receive an e-mail, please contact us at y101@y101radio so we can get you squared away! And if you see a name you recognize, make sure he/she sees this too!

Katrina Albert
Matt Anderson
Kent Anderson
Scott Andresen
Scott Baumann
Lesa Beaver
Tonya Bennett
Chris Bennett
David Bent
Cynthia Benton
Laura Bergman
Kristen Berry
David Bleigh
Mark Bouyes
Janet Bringer
James Brown
Jim Campbell
Charles Clatt
Emily Crass
Drew Diaz
Megan Dolbeare
Debbie Douglass
Lori Eaton
Joshua Edgerton
Mark Eggleston
Jennifer Fantz
Julie Farrell
Connor Ferguson
Lynn Flesner
Samantha Glover
Jodi Gorton
Stephen Gramke
Jared Hallam
Kira Harrison
Julie Herring
Ann Hill
John Hill
Garrett Hillebrenner
Shelby Homan
Alex Homan
Thelma Howell
Susan Howell
Christy Huckstep
Stacy Huffman
Ashley Hull
Brandilee Jarrett
Stacey Jenkins
Marcia Johnson
Kathy Johnson
Sue Kelle
David Kempf
Alison Kling
Justin Kohl
Randa Korb
Stacey Linder
Cori Lyssy
Tammy Martin
Sherri Massey
Judith Matthews
James McAfee
Jeffrey Medlin
James Miller
Crystal Miller
Lindsey Moore
Jeann Morrison
Connie Mowen
Jenny Myers
Elijah Owens
Kim Owens
Magdaleno Pena
Shayna Queen
Alex Reyes
Denise Rigg
Amy Riley
Tony Rodriguez
Joyce Schmidt
Ryan Schnack
Chassidy Schroder
Rick Shaw
Kenadie Simmons
Steve Smith
Jerry Smith
Rachael Sorensen
Bobby Stanley
Sahara Stapp
Melvina Stapp
Torre Stark
Vicki Steinkamp
Robert Stephens
Tina Tenhouse
Amy Thomas
Mindy Thomas
Jay Thorpe
Brian Trone
Fabian Velarde
Shawn Volk
Josh Wasson
Lisa Willett
Ryan Winget
Katie Zbornak

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