Thank you to everyone who entered into our first "Tri-State's Biggest Giveaway" contest over the past few weeks! We've narrowed it down to 101 people, ONE of whom is about to win a $5,000 kitchen makeover from Midwest Paints and Home Center featuring Waypoint Living Spaces! If you're on this list, you should have received an e-mail with instructions regarding the next step. If you DIDN'T receive an e-mail, please contact us at so we can get you squared away! And if you see a name you recognize, make sure he/she sees this too!

Kent Anderson
Mike Atteberry
Mary Baker
Julie Bean
Linda Bence
Jay Bock
Darren Brinkley
Lindsay Brothers
Tammy Carman
Jessica Carroll
Jeanette Cary
Robert Charlton
Corey Cooper
Randy Dickerman
Lorie Early
Ron Eaton
Roger Edwards
Austin Eisie
Debbie Fleer
Candy Foss
Eric Foster
Lorenanita Foutes
Cory Frericks
Emily Gallaher
Mitch Girardin
Rebecca Grotte
Robin Harsell
Heidi Hartman
Linda Held
Julie Herring
Levi Hills
Jennifer Hocker
Raquel Howe
Kayla Howell
Nancy Huddleston
Stacy Huffman
Rob Huffman
Josh Hunsaker
Brian Jansen
Rebecca Johnson
Ann Kamphaus
Constance Kennedy
Kirstin Kirby
Brandy Kruse
Tonja Lain
Sherry Law
Narelle Lee
Adam Lee
Adriana Longobardi
Chris Loos
Diane Loos
Keith Maiden
Tyler Marquess
Rich Martin
Eric McCaughey
Amanda McCloy
Jeffrey Medlin
Jason Merlo
Marc Meyer
Sarah Miller
Dan Miller
Rachel Mixer
Josh Mock
Jeann Morrison
Bre Neisen
Jesse Nelson
Michael Norris
Elijah Owens
Sandy Patterson
Linda Reeves
Kaley Reno
Leeann Riggs
Sherry Riley
Katelin Robertson
Margie Roland
Cindy Rossiter
Laura Schreacko
Lynn Sharrow
Casey Shaw
Dianne SMith
Amy SMith
Robin Smith
Kyra Snyder
Brian Sorrill
Misty Stanfield
Melvina Stapp
Ty Steenman
Robert Stephens
Melinda Thompson
Mary Pat Vahlkamp
Carla Velarde
Michelle Waldrop
Roger Walley
Josh Wasson
Kim Watkins
Kim Whiteaker
Shari Willer
Carol Beth Williams
Ed Willing
Diane Wingerter
Susan Yarbrough


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