Do it for Instagram! Instagram is one of the most popular social media websites in the world and one of the 10 Most Instagrammed Buildings in the US is here in the Land of Lincoln.

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According to an article from, the Willis Tower (former Sears Tower) in Chicago made the list of the Top 10 Most Instagrammed Buildings in the USA. The Willis Tower which is the former tallest building in the world, and the current tallest building in Chicago, comes in at number 8 on the list. The Willis Tower has had 401,000 Instagram posts, and the article goes on to say...

"Formerly known as the Sears Tower, this skyscraper dominates the Chicago skyline, and is the first building in this city to make it to the list as the most photographed. The second tallest building in the USA, more than a million people visit its observation deck every single year. Whether you want a photograph of the view of Chicago from the observation deck, or just want to take a picture of the building itself, you’re guaranteed a great shot for Instagram either way!"

The list is dominated by buildings and structures in New York City, the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC is number 1 followed by the Golden Gate Bridge, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, and the MET to round out the top 5. To see the complete list for yourself click here!

As a born and raised Chicagoan I will say I love the Sears (cough) Willis Tower, it really is spectacular to look at BUT if I was in Chicago and wanted to take some pictures for my Instagram I would choose the John Hancock building, the Wrigley Building, Tribune Tower, and The Merchandise Mart to take photos of before I took a photo of the Willis Tower.

Here are shots from the greatest views in state of Illinois

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