America has a love for trucks, and I for one completely understand why, but besides trucks what are American's buying, and why are they buying them?

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Get our free mobile app released a list of the top-selling vehicles (cars, trucks, SUVs) from 2021 and once again trucks dominate the list. Number one this year was the Ford F-150 (no surprise there) Ford sold over 720,000 of them, followed by Ram with over 569,000 sold, and 3rd place the Chevy Silverado with over 519,000 sold. Trucks have dominated this list for years BUT the numbers are a little concerning for truck fans like myself, the F-150 was down almost 8% this year, Ram up only 1%, and the Silverado down 11%. I think trucks are the best, I love my truck and think that they make so much sense for living in the Midwest and most parts of the country where fall and winter hit. But if truck numbers are down what are people buying instead?

Some of the vehicles that saw big increases in 2021 compared to 2020 are the Nissan Rogue took the 7th spot on the list up over 25%, the Jeep Grand Cherokee the 8th spot on the list up over 26%, and the Tesla Model Y which is 17th on the list up 191%...WOW. To see the full list for yourself click here! 

So yes Trucks may still be sitting atop of the list and their numbers dwarf most everything else on the list but buying trends towards SUVs and Electric vehicles are trending upwards, which is why I am not surprised in the last calendar year both Ford and Chevy announced all-electric versions of the F-150 and the Silverado. Makes you wonder what this list will look like in the year 2031, will trucks still be at the top, just electric versions of them? My guess is yes because America loves trucks no matter what is powering them.

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