The data is in and we now know what the number 1 selling vehicle in the USA was last year, which truck landed in the top spot?

Country music and trucks is like peanut butter and jelly, or better yet like beer and and bbq, they just go together. There are countless country songs that are about trucks, reference trucks, and love songs guys sing to their trucks. The other thing about trucks, like beer, guys are loyal to their truck brands for the most part. You don't just go out and buy yourself any old truck, you drive a Ford because your dad drove a Ford, or you drive a Ram because you bought your first Ram at 16, we are emotionally attached.

So when the popular car magazine/website came out with the top selling vehicles in America list (Click here to see the list), it didn't shock me at all to see trucks dominate the list. In the list the top 3 selling vehicles in America in 2019 were all trucks. #1 Ford F-150 which had almost 900,000 sold, the #2 vehicle sold in America in 2019 was Ram Pickup with almost 634,000 sold, and #3 vehicle sold in America in 2019 was the Chevy Silverado with 575,000 sold.

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Some of the other notable vehicles that made the top 25 best selling in 2019 were the Toyota Tacoma truck was #11 with 248,000 sold, and at #16 with 228,000 sold the Jeep Wrangler. To see the COMPLETE List from Car and Driver CLICK HERE.

Americans love their trucks, and country music and trucks go hand in hand. What kind of truck do you favor?

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