Pandemic or not, we are always looking to save money, especially if you have a large family. Burger King is offering free Whoppers.

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According to Thrillist, there are so many June deals for Burger King including a free Whooper., but there's a catch. There always is. It's not terrible, you just have to download the Burger King App in order to get the coupon code for the free Whooper (with a $1 purchase), see not so bad.

If you already have the app, even better get yourself a free cheeseburger. Seems like there are a lot of incentives for downloading the BK app. Excuse me for a second...

Okay, now there are weekly specials including Wednesday’s you can get Whoopers for under $2, and coupons for their specialty drinks too. I know I am also trying to save money when my family and I go out to eat, so this is great that BK is stepping up to help their customers, even if there's not a pandemic going on.

There's also benefits if you’re a health care or first responder, and kids’ options too. Even if its dollar or less, saving money is saving money.


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