Want FREE Burger King? All you gotta do is solve some Math...how hard could it be...?

We all have a lot of time on our hands while we are quarantined at home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and so Burger King is offering us all a challenge, solve a problem and get free food! Burger King announced on their Facebook page that you have an opportunity to get a free Whooper by simply solving a math equation on their Burger King App.

It seems fairly simple right, well let me put it this way, I tried to type out the equation to put it in this blog for you to look at, but there are too many symbols and things that are in the equation that aren't on a keyboard...If you want to take a look at the equation you need to solve for a free Whooper click here!

I have the Burger King app already on my phone and it is really simple and free to use, so if you are feeling confident in your math skills (or you just want to type in the equation to google and hope it knows the answer) give it a try! It seems like Burger King is going to be doing more of these types of offers in the coming days.

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