The Old Baptist Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Hannibal and is also known to be the most haunted place.

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Established in 1837, the Old Baptist Cemetery in Hannibal which has been written about by Mark Twain, where his very own brother and father were once buried. The remains of both of been removed and buried somewhere else, but the cemetery still has several tombstones that are starting to fall apart and crack from over the many years of neglect. The cemetery is no longer in use but can be toured through the Haunted Hannibal Tours.

In The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain wrote about the cemetery as,

"It was a graveyard of the old-fashioned Western kind. It was on a hill, about a mile and a half from the village. It had a crazy board fence around it, which leaned inward in places, and outward the rest of the time, but stood upright nowhere. Grass and weeds grew rank over the whole cemetery. All the old graves were sunken in, there was not a tombstone on the place; round-topped, worm-eaten boards staggered over the graves, leaning for support and finding none..."

This was also the place where both Tom and Huck witnessed a murder. So not only so much history with Mark Twain, but the cemetery itself with Civil War Soldiers being buried there among many important Hannibalians from the past. If you are wanting to tour this cemetery or learn more about it, I suggest doing the Haunted Hannibal Tour. I've done this and it's a really interesting and cool experience.

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