Years ago people would keep a car until it got close to 100-thousand miles on it and then trade it in for a new one. Now, with regular maintenance, people are keeping the cars longer these days which got me to thinking about just how many cars I have owned in my lifetime.

I believe my grand total is 9 but I maybe off by one. My favorite was my 1970 AMC Javelin. I sold that car and almost cried when the new owner drove it away. There were so many great memories. Ironically, I went to a house party that very night and there in the driveway across the street from the party sat my "old faithful" Javelin. It made me want to buy it back. It is funny how you can get attached to a car.

So my Javelin was my favorite car that I ever drove.  So, how many cars have you owned and which one of those cars was your favorite?

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