The second and FINAL Presidential Debate is tonight, here are the rules for the drinking game part 2.

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So a couple weeks ago before the first Presidential debate I laid out the rules for the first debate drinking game, I thought at the time there would be three parts to this epic drinking game saga but alas we get just two! And since there is no World Series game on tonight, and lets be honest no one realllllyyyy wants to watch the 1-5 New York Giants play the 1-4-1 Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday Night Football, lets all drink responsibly together to the 2nd (and final) Presidential Debate!

The Debate is on tonight at 8pm on pretty much every 24 hour news network, pick your own personal favorite to watch it on. And here are the rules...

1.) If a candidate goes over their time and their microphone gets cut off drink! NEW RULE ALERT!!! Yes apparently they will be turning mics off so this will go well...

2.) Any candidate mentions the name Amy Coney Barret take a drink.

3.) If President Trump says "Fake News" take a drink.

4.) If former Vice President Biden says "Over $400,000" take a drink.

5.) FINAL RULE...Take a drink of WATER any time either candidate says President Obama, Vice President Pence, Senator Harris, or Hard Drive.

Again this is meant to be silly and fun, I certainly never want to tell you how to feel about politics or influence you in anyway. But if you already have your mind made up about who you're voting for (I feel like most people do) then maybe turn the debate into a drinking game and turn up on a Thursday night (Responsibly of course).



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