I'm sharing New Madrid earthquake information because it's not news. Believe it or not, I do have a point to make. So far in 2022, there have been 20 earthquakes in the New Madrid fault region and that's completely normal.

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Every time I see someone share a New Madrid quake, sometimes they make it seem like the world is about to end. The fact is we live in a very active seismic region in the Midwest. Out of pure curiosity, I decided to see how many shakers have hit the New Madrid fault so far in 2022 and as of this writing, the number is 20. Nothing major.


The largest so far in 2022 is a 2.5 that hit near Steele, Missouri on January 18, 2022. Even a squirrel in tree directly over the epicenter wouldn't have felt that one.

If these 2022 New Madrid quakes are no big deal, what's the point? The fact they are no big deal is the point. If you have a friend share one of these small quakes with you as if it's a precursor to a mammoth quake, you can shrug it off and tell them it's nothing to worry about. Yet.

It's worth noting that the USGS has simulated what would happen if a 7.7 quake would hit the New Madrid fault and they do believe we'll see another major quake at some point in the next 30 years. It just isn't necessarily happening today.

So, relax. Someday we'll all have to deal with a major New Madrid quake. Just be thankful it's not today.

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