If you've seen the viral videos of animals walking in circles, you understand this is strange. However, do not believe the theories that this is a sign that there is a massive earthquake imminent along a major fault like the New Madrid fault zone in Missouri.

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I've seen theories like this before that begin with a little bit of science before they dive off into the deep end of speculative conspiracy theory.  End of the American Dream shared an article this week talking about there are large earthquakes happening around the world. That's somewhat accurate.

This is where the weird begins. There is a viral video on TikTok showing many animals around the world walking in circles.

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That tiny bit of correct has now lead to speculation on Twitter and TikTok that the animals are preparing for something.

You know how much science is involved? Answer: zero. You can't predict earthquakes. Period. The NY Post has an article saying the sheep walking in circle mystery may have been solved saying it's a sign the sheep are frustrated with their movement being limited. There's more science in that theory than all of the "a massive earthquake" is coming theories.

Could the New Madrid Fault unleash a huge earthquake? Sure. If it happens, will it have anything to do with animals walking in circles? Nope.

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