Get your Red garbage stickers in Quincy for $1.50.

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The City of Quincy has announced in a press release that they are now selling the "Red" garbage stickers for $1.50. In the release they say...

"The City of Quincy will begin selling red garbage stickers for consumer use. The red stickers will replace the blue stickers and will cost $1.50 each, up from the .75 each for the blue stickers. THIS IS NOT A PRICE INCREASE...Currently, while using the blue stickers, residents need to put 2 stickers on any bags less than 17 gallons and 4 stickers on any bags over 17 gallons. This will continue until the blue stickers run out. When they start using the red stickers, residents will only need 1 sticker for any bags under 17 gallons and 2 stickers for anything over 17 gallons"

To read more or to contact the city of Quincy with questions click here! 

They make it very clear that this isn't a price increase because you have to only use one red sticker as opposed to two blue stickers, the blue stickers are still good until you run out of them, but now is the time to stock up and buy some red stickers.


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