On January 7, the second season of 'My 600 lb Life' will begin on TLC. The series will tell the stories of eight individuals – each weighing over 600 pounds – through a year-long journey as they try to lose weight. One of those eight people will be Olivia, from Cicero, Illinois.

Olivia is a 46-year-old single woman who lives in the basement of her parents’ home. She dropped out of high school her senior year because she couldn't face the constant ridicule. This is what started her on her path toward morbid obesity. Two years ago she attempted suicide after she lost everything she had in a flood. She has not left the house since. Olivia has decided to move to Houston, leaving her twin sister behind, to live with family members in hopes of receiving bariatric surgery. Olivia’s weight controls her life and prevents her from being able to do most anything. She has extreme lymphedema on her legs, which makes it very painful to move around at all. Olivia wants a life free from her body – what she claims to be her prison. She is ready to be a member of society again and hopes that she can one day soon live on her own." - TLC

Each episode of 'My 600 lb Life' will be sixty minutes in length. The first episode of the new season will air on January 7 at 8 p.m. CT on TLC.

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