When I was a little kid I can remember reading the very popular comic strip Dick Tracy. Tracy was a plain clothes undercover investigator. One of the cool things about Dick Tracy was his famous 2-Way wrist radio that he wore on his left wrist as a wristwatch. The radio wrist watch became the comic strip’s signature icon. 

That debuted in the comic strip in 1946 and later became a two-way TV wrist watch in 1964 when television became huge. That was about the time I started to read the column. Everyone thought it would be so cool to be able to have one of those watches which, of course, was not available, but just a thought in the mind of Dick Tracy creator Chester Gould.

Little did we know then what would be available now. Just last week, Apple unveiled their new iPhone 6 Apple Watch with the least expensive version costing $349 according to an article in Time Magazine (9-22 edition). That will be available in 2015.

Just think of how far we have come from the thought of owning Dick Tracy’s watch to the now available wearable technology of today. I wonder what is coming next?

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