Today is "Change Your Password Day".  In a day and age where security is paramount you will be amazed how many people select a popular password for their online accounts. To that point, in the Time Magazine (February 1st edition) there is a story about the "World's Worst Passwords" that people have selected. According to research performed by the software firm SplashData of Gatos, California, the most popular password is not even a word but a number "123456".

SplashData has put together a top ten list of the most popular password that you might want to avoid from now on. Here's that list:

1.  123456

2.  Password

3.  Qwerty

4.  Football

5.  Baseball

6.  Dragon

7.  Master

8.  Monkey

9.  Letmein

10. Princess

In case you were wondering "Starwars" came in at number 11. So you might want to check the above list and if you use one of those passwords, it would behoove you to change it soon.

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