Be warned that you will now hear that song "My heart will go on" in the back of your head once you read this. It's the most romantic weekend getaway you can take in Missouri (allegedly) that lets you pretend you're feeling all the love on the Titanic.

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I want to be clear that this is not my idea. Blame this one on Thrillist. They're the ones who said that Branson is the most romantic weekend getaway you can make in Missouri and that's the same place there's a replica of the Titanic. (*cue the Celine Dion song*)

Attractions Magazine on YouTube recently shared what this Titanic replica is and why you and your romantic heart will wanna go there.

Hey, can I reenact making Leonardo DiCaprio float on the blue door? Asking for a friend.

I must admit that when I thought of the Titanic being considered a "most romantic" place, I wondered a little bit if they know how that story ended. To me, that's not romantic unless you're an iceberg.

I get it though. The whole Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio "our love will never die thing" is appealing even if it did happen in the frigid waters of the north Atlantic. To each his/her own.

Kudos to you, Branson. I don't think anyone thinking of that city as a weekend getaway option is necessarily gonna be new, but we are approaching Valentine's Day.

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