Here's a headscratcher for you. A new report claims that more people are moving to Saint Louis, Missouri because of perceived climate change. Hmm. Let's see if we can figure out two things. First if the report is accurate and second, if so, why?

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This curious new ranking comes courtesy of Servicemaster (Yes, the cleaning and restoration people). Their list shows the Top 30 Cities for Climate Migration meaning the places people are moving to because they're fleeing cities where climate change will endanger them. Look at #30 on their list. It's (spoiler alert) Saint Louis.

The kicker? There is no explanation of why. St. Louis just sits there at #30 as a place people flee climate change to. Curious.

Since there's no reason given, I am left to guess for myself, so here goes. People are fleeing the coastal cities because they (I believe wrongly) perceive that the oceans are rising and they don't want to be underwater. If that's your belief system (and no offence intended if it is), you'd want to get as far away from the ocean as possible which makes Saint Louis a common sense choice.

Perhaps I shouldn't tell them about all the Mississippi River flooding though...

It's also interesting the other cities that end up on this climate change list. Denver is #1 and Nashville is also high up there. Apparently people aren't considering the danger of Nashville hot wings. Hey, I'm just guessing.

Check out the full Servicemaster study if climate topics and moving interest you.

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