When you live in Missouri, you never know what you might see out of your window. For one man in the Show Me State recently, that sight was a bear who was casually strolling by in Festus.

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First of all, thank you to Kenneth Bins for allowing me to share his close encounter of the bear kind with you. I first saw this shared by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. Here are the pics that he shared on his Facebook page this week.

Just sitting there eating breakfast while an apex predator walks through the yard. Welcome to Missouri in 2023.

If you are familiar with bears, you know they really are gentle giants and aren't fierce unless they get cornered and/or are defending young. A bear's diet is normally vegetation and not humans despite what you may have seen in the movies.

Festus, Missouri is located south of St. Louis along the Mississippi River and isn't normally thought of as a major bear habitat. However, as the Missouri Department of Conservation has told us, the bear population in Missouri is definitely growing. This big guy that strolled through Ken's yard is just one of many that call the state home now.

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