The world has some big problems right now. This isn't one of them. A Missouri man is being taken to court because the city he lives in believes he has too many sunflowers in his yard.

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Fox 2 St. Louis visited with Chris Bank of St. Peters, Missouri. They report that this is not the first time that St. Peters has taken Chris to court because he has what they believe is too many sunflowers in his yard. The first time they accused him, the case was dropped. Now, he's headed back to talk to the judge again...because of sunflowers.

According to what Chris told Fox 2 St. Louis, the problem has to do with what St. Peters believes is too high a ratio of sunflowers to grass. They say that the city claims they've received a complaint and they're just enforcing city ordinances.

The mayor of St. Peters told them when interviewed that the ordinance has been in place for 30 years and "they're just following the law". Neighbors interviewed seem to enjoy the sunflowers. So, what's the beef?

It's not just St. Peters, Missouri that has ordinances against too many sunflowers. Homegrown Iowan reported that a homeowner in Cedar Rapids had to remove sunflowers from their yard last year, too. The travesty...

Fox 2 St. Louis reported that Chris Bank had the case dropped last November. Time will tell if he (and his sunflowers) are victorious again this time around.

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